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  HD No Doubt 29-1  

MM Red Draw 1-3 X Buckshot

The next great one is what several have said. ( The best Duroc boar in 5 years is another comment ) This guy is as good as we have raised in awhile. Time will be the true measure of his true value. We have never had as many breeders and AI Centers trying to purchase one off the farm as this one. It was hard to leave this one home when we left for Austin , but sometimes your gut tells you what to do.



  HD New Dimension 23-5  

HP New Dimension X Totally Wide Open

The true meat hog here. One that is extremely tall fronted and still opened up. A big rib cage and a awesome top with a huge square hip and rump. This guy has been extremely popular with visitors and is being used hard here at Huinker Durocs. A outcross to Buckcherry, Can't Touch This and Fullshift bloodlines. You've been waiting for the next great one, well this may very well be the one.



  HD Hillbilly 2-2  

Hillbilly Bone X Wingman

Said to be one of the best in the land by several top breeders. Never in my wildest dreams did i think i would make one this good in 5 years of breeding crossbreds. This is one wide ,square , heavy muscled powerhouse. He is sound and super heavy structured. His dam is as productive of a sow as any that is on our farm. Time will tell, but i think this one has a shot for greatness !



  HD Fullbore 68-4  

Fullshift X Sabertooth 10-3

This boars siring ability is becoming very apparent. Opened up at the blade, tall fronted , long up front , very long rumped with great rear legs structure. Quality feet & legs, good bone and excellent growth and well marbled. This boar will work in the real world and the show world.

Just sired $ 32,000 Champion Duroc Boar 2012 National Barrow Show ( Named Trifecta now at SGI )

Fullbore's Littermate sister had Champion Duroc Barrow FFA at 2011 Iowa State Fair



  HD de Freese 50-3  

HD Asia 46-3 X Red Draw

Named after the breeder that had a sow herd second to none in the Yorkshire Breed. Sows that were correct , big volume with feet & legs one dreams about. The looseness of structure with this amount of bone and foot was unparalleled in that time. They also were big ribbed, long rumped and very clean and immature in their bone work. All while being easy fleshing, heavy milking productive females that bred on for generations.

T his is what i see in 50-3 , a super stout made hog that is built as square and correct as any. Toes, forearm, angles are all correct. The blade, the length of hip are awesome. His rib his big and soft. Then get on top of this fella and look at the true shape. A littermate gilt 50-4 is as good a female that has ever been on this farm. Use this boar to make your sows better.



  HD Clayborn 76-2  
    Can't Touch This X Gallery

A bigger package that has great bone , good length of body with great muscle shape. Tall fronted yet big open bladed. This boars daughters have been super in the farrowing crates. His siring record continues to grow.

Res. Champion Duroc Barrow Junior Show 2012 NBS

Champion Duroc, Res. Purebred Barrow Open Show 2012 NBS

Champion Duroc Market Hog,

Champion Overall 2012 Weld Co. CO. over 400 head show

Champion Duroc Gilt 2012 Maryland State Fair

Champion Duroc Gilt 2012 Minnesota State Fair

Champion Duroc Barrow 2011 NBS Open Show

Champion Duroc Barrow 2011 Iowa State Fair 4-H Show also was Res. Champion Purebred.


  HD Asia 46-3  
    Buckshot 2-2 X Gallant

Asia is proving himself to be one of the elite sires in the country. His dam is one of the most powerful big footed, loose structured. heavy structured sows you will ever lay eyes on. The true power will be felt for years. The demand for Asia daughters has been great. A man amongst boys ! Asia has already sired several National Champions.

Champion Boar 2012 World Pork Expo

Champion Boar 2012 Summer Type Conference

Res. Gilt Western Regional

Res. Champion Gilt Belt Buckle Bonanza

Champion Production Barrow WI. State Fair

Res. Gilt IL. State Fair

Champion Duroc & Supreme Breeding Gilt East Texas Fair

The stoutest , biggest ribbed and bodied Duroc boar in the country that is sound and monster boned and footed !


  Buckshot 58-2  


  Monkey 3-1  


  HD HYPE 11-2

Buckshot 2-2 x Monkey 3-1 x Bold Adventure x Gallany Dam

Sound - Balanced - Super Complete. They just get better everyday. The Champions keep coming for this sire.

Champion Duroc, Res. Overall Gilt S.E. Regional 2012

Champion Duroc Gilt 2012 IL. State Fair

Champion Performance Barrow 2012 IL. State Fair

Champion Duroc, Res. Overall 2012 Iowa State Fair Derby Show

Res. Duroc Barrow 2012 National Western ( Denver )

Champion Market Barrow Winn. County Fair

4th Overall Duroc Gilt 2011 World Pork Expo

Champion Duroc Barrow 2011 Iowa State Fair FFA Show

Champion Duroc Gilt 2011 Oregon State Fair

Champion Boar 2011 NBS

Many more ---


  H-D Fast Buck 22-6

Buckcherry x Totally Wide Open 33-9 x 119-1 sow

This is the best Buckcherry son we retained. Talk about Balance, correct rear legs, big level square rump, huge square true top and as good of rib shape & depth of center body as any. Wide front & rear and still has the look of a show hog. His dam is special, his Grand dam 119-7 was special.

Semen available $100/dose



H-D Boots 61-3

Thor 13-3 x Mr Sound 57-9
Dam is littermate to sound track 5-3

This is a special boar out of a very deep litter. The dam was out of our best litter in 2008. Grand Dam is 17-7 sow, one we are building almost half our herd from. Everybody is looking for the next step, something bred different, here it is. This may be as loose made & big footed boar in our breed, yet has tremendous width top to bottom and front to rear. His rib is opened up through the center, his rump is big and square. Boots has a big of forearm and foot (front and back) as any of any color. This guy should make red hogs more flexible with the feet and legs where they belong. Powerful, flexible, sound with muscle a breed changer.


  Buckshot 2-2

(OAB8 PSSS Buck Cherry 1-1 x HD5 Johnny Cash 5-7)
Littermate to Walk the Line

The most exciting Duroc we have seen in a long time. It's very hard to make Durocs with this kind of power and muscle. He has a huge square top and massive rump! He is extremely wide and bold as viewed from front to rear. He is incredibly flexible for a hog witht his much power and body! We are breeding as many to him as any young boar since Totally wide open. This big-boned feller has done nothing but get better everyday.


HD Galaxy 73-10

Gallant x Yoder x 17-7

Linebred Sabertooth, linebred Otis. The biggest-footed, heaviest-boned boar we have raised. Great design, shape and power. The future is now.


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