Last One 7-4

Last Drop x Making Change

Drop Dead

Last Drop x Making Change

Never Before 19-5

Never Before x Talladega


Drop Dead x Making Change



Bold Strategy x Making Change

HD Bold Change 69-2

Bold Strategy (ShowTime Sires) x Making Change

Dam is littermate to Herd Sire Making Noise 65-7. Exciting new herd sire that combines 2 of the hottest sires going. 1st pig crop born in Jan look very impressive. Res. Duroc Gilt Red River Rivalry, Res Duroc Barrow Medina Co, Champion Duroc Barrow Grayson Co and a handful of sale making barrows have been this genetic combination. This guy is extra heavy structured, stout, yet cool headed, good necked, average body length with awesome rib and muscle shape. You will hear more about this guy.

HD Smooth Operator 52-2

HD Automatic x Buckshot x Red Draw

Some of our oldest genetics, line bred Red Draw. Extra Extension everywhere, stout featured, long rump, true muscle shape, fast growing, easy feeding kind! 4 years old and still going strong!

Take Me Home

He Man x Different Deal x $35,000 Champion STC gilt

Bred by Don Smith, Also Dam of Last Drop at Crossroads. This was the popular $20,000 boar from teh 2019 NBS. We partnered with Cain Super Sires to own this very elite one that combines Look, Power and Balance as well as any shown in 2019. Several litters sired by this guy this spring!

Size Matters 42-4

Making Change x Turnaround (Littermate to Clout)

True Hog men love this guy! As athletic and sound as they come! Amazing skeleton, huge rub and center cavity, long up front, even longer rumped, refined underline quality, monster top, very special hip & hind leg. True breeding hog here! Owned with Dan Meeker. Clout has sired the Champion Duroc barrow in Tulsa, Res. Duroc Barrow Texas State Fair, & Res Gilt Georgia National; look for more by this great littermate!!

HD Changing Lane 41-7

Making Change x Man on Fire

Bred like our Champion Gilt in Belton in 2019. The angles are right in this one, balance, proportions, soundness, look, barrell shaped rib, hip & hind leg this guy checks a lot of the boxes.

HD MC 42-5

Making Change x Turnaround

Another littermate to Clout that was at Thompon Bros - boar they lost way too early! He sired the Champion Duroc Barrow in Tulsa, Res, Duroc Barrow TX State Fair and Res. Gilt Georgia National in some of his first litters. The widest based of this great litter with the shape & look. This guy is very popular and as impressive as a yearling as you will find. Owned with Cody Lamle & Nevada Siarra Park in CA.

HD Making Noise 65-7

Making Change x Man on Fire

Our 1st son of Making Change retained and what a start he is off to! Champion Purebred 2019 North Dakota State Fair, Top points Duroc in the Wisconsin Jackpot Series shown by Rachel Masley, Res Lightweight Barrow 2020 San Antonio, 4th Overall Gilt 2020 San Antonio, Champion Duroc, Res Overall 2020 Willacy Co in TX, Champion Duroc Barrow Norman Co in MN, Res Champion Boar 2019 Indiana State Fair. The list keeps growing for this guy! Owned with Liam Lauher, OH.

HD Uphill Battle

Smooth Operator x Man on Fire (Sam Dam as Making Noise!)

Real Unique breeding hog here! Tall fronted and still busted open, super heavy structured, long rumped with stout skull. Sires shape & body with extra bone! Different pedigree than most lines available!

HD Rocket 50-6

Making Change x Turnaround

Very barrow oriented one here! Tall fronted, busted open, shorter bodied with awesome shape! Littermate gilt sold as a bred gilt ot Justin Grinstead had Champion Barrow Overall Breeds at a TX Co Fair! This one should be on your list for making champion show barrows!

Reference Sires

Making Change 2-10

Making Change x Turnaround

This Cheap Money son has come in here and hit on almost every litter. We think we're still in the beginning stages of his True Genetic worth. Premier sires at several National Type Conferences, Sire of Clout the $49,000 Champion Boar 2018 Fall Classic, sired Champion Duroc Gilt Houston Livestock Show, sired 2019 Hog College Gilt (Chairmans Choice), Sired Top selling & Champion Gilt 2019 SWTC in Belton, sired of Change it Up at Purple Power, sired Res Boar & Gilt 2019 Fall Classic - one of the top sires to ever stand at Huinker Durocs!









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